Tips for Decorating a Small Apartment

Just because you don’t have a huge home doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt your style.

Here are some tips for decorating a small apartment.

1.) Use mirrors

Mirrors add both additional light and the feeling of additional space into rooms by reflecting back natural and non-natural lighting and giving an illusion of more square footage. They’re also practical on their own. Use one large mirror or arrange a few smaller ones throughout a room.

2.) Let in the light

A small room can really open up with the right lighting, Use additional lighting throughout your space to bring in some additional warmth. If you don’t have the room for floor and table lamps, choose lighting options that don’t take up any prime real estate, like string lights, wall sconces, or pendant lighting.

3)  Green up the space with plants and flowers

Adding greenery and flowers to your small space can breathe additional life and style into it as long as you’re careful not to overcrowd. Keep in mind that dead or dying plants will have the opposite effect. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to keep up with the responsibility of maintaining your plants and flowers (or if you just don’t have much of a green thumb), there are great options for fake ones that look like the real thing.