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Sustainable Ways to Clean Your Home

Eliminating waste, encouraging recycling, and taking care of the World

The Zero Waste Collective Templeton Sustainable Ways to Clean Your Home Eliminating waste, encouraging recycling, and taking care of the World
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Lately, we are all feeling like we need to clean, clean, CLEAN!  Most store bought cleaning items are seeming scarce, so now may be the perfect time to change up your typical cleaning routine to something more ecofriendly! 

Have you ever wondered what ingredients are in your commonly used cleaning products?  Or what happens to the containers after you toss them? 

Most sanitizing products are made with biocides (a chemical substance or microorganism intended to destroy, deter, render harmless, or exert a controlling effect on any harmful organism).  These can be harmful to not only the environment, but also our health.

Here are a few recipes and cleaning products that stray away from harsh chemicals and give you peace of mind while cleaning your home!

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­­­­­DIY Cleaner Recipes

Disinfectant Spray

  • ½ cup of rubbing alcohol (at least 40% or higher, try to get as high as you can)
  • 1 cup of water
  • ½ cup of white vinegar
  • 15-20 drops of essential oil of choice (we love lemon verbena!)

            Mix ingredients together and put in a spray bottle!  Use to clean doorknobs,          handles, faucets, etc.

            Here is a link for some of our favorite Amber Glass Spray Bottles from Amazon for under $20!  Use to clean doorknobs, handles, faucets, etc. 

            You could also use this mixture over reusable rags and keep in an air-tight container for reusable “Lysol” wipes! (Click here for Marley’s Monsters Unpaper     Towels to use for wipes!)

All-Purpose Cleaner Recipe: Orange Vinegar

  • Orange Peels
  • Distilled Vinegar

            Fill a jar with orange peels and enough vinegar to cover the peels.  Let sit for         about two weeks and pour vinegar mixture into a spray bottle.  This is great for all        surfaces!

Glass Cleaner

  • ½ cup of rubbing alcohol
  • 1/3 cup distilled vinegar
  • 15 drops of essential oil of choice

            Mix & Place in a spray bottle!

Dish Soap

  • 2 cups of water
  • 5 teaspoons of Castille soap (Click here for Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille Soap)
  • 2 teaspoons washing soda (Click here for Arm & Hammer All Natural Super Washing Soda)
  • 10 drops of essential oils of choice

            Combine and let rest overnight.  The ingredients might naturally separate so just   give it a good shake before use.  A little goes a long way with this mixture, so it         should last you quite a while.

­If you would rather someone else make the products, here are a few of our preferred sustainable companies that not only offer cleaning agents, but environment friendly cleaning accessories as well!


Photo: Blueland

Blueland is a great source for household cleaners, laundry aids, and kitchen          soaps that are shipped in paper packaging.  You will also receive reusable containers to eliminate single use bottles, plastic containers, etc.  Below are our   top favorite products:

            All Purpose: The Clean Essentials kit comes with 3 reusable bottles, 1 reusable         foaming hand soap bottle, 4 tablets (multi-surface, glass + mirror, bathroom, foaming hand soap)

            Laundry: The Laundry Starter Set comes with 40 fragrance-free laundry tablets      suitable for cotton, linen, denim, polyester, rayon, acetate and Tencel.  They     work in all standard washing machines and come with a reusable steel tin for           storage.

            Kitchen: The Dishwasher Starter Set comes with 40 fragrance-free dishwasher        tablets perfect for washing dishware, glassware, silver and porcelain.  This way,      we aren’t sending “dissolvable plastic” down our drains, making this an earth-   friendly way to clean your dishes.



Grove has a wide assortment of healthy household cleaning supplies.  They           believe, “What we bring into our homes contributes to that homey, cozy feel.”    What better way to bring that feeling to your home than find products that you           don’t have to be concerned about using near your family and friends?  Here are         our top favorite cleaning accessories:

            All Purpose: The Grove Collaborative Walnut Scrubber Sponge is made from         durable walnut shells and recycled plastic fibers (on the rubber side) and the           sponge side is 100% plant-based cellulose.  Most sponges are made of plastic      and full of dyes and chemicals.

            Bathroom: The Grove Collaborative Tub Buster Handle comes with three    different heads to handle any job.  The heads are removable and            replacement heads can also be purchased so you never have to dispose of the         handle.

  • Wiping surfaces and polishing fixtures: pair with the Residue Remover (a soft sponge made of natural cellulose).
  • Lifting Scum and Stains: Use the Buildup Banisher (a non-abrasive scrubber made from recycled plastic).

Cleaning grout and tough stains: Go for the Deep Cleaner (bristles made from recycled plastic).