Organization as Self Care with Organize for Love

“I used organization to bring harmony to the chaos of my circumstances by centering simplicity.” – Rebekah Bashorun

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Meet Rebekah Bashorun, she is the founder of Organize for Love, a company that encourages Black women’s home wellness so their home is a place of peace, love, community, and order. She’s a writer, PhD drop out, and an Ambassador for The Container Store. She draws from her unique background using environmental psychology to encourage women’s home wellness, so their home is a place of peace, love, community, and order.

We interviewed Rebekah and asked her to share a bit of her perspective from helping so many organize their homes and how she has helped empower black women specifically. 

Photo: Organize for Love

How did you get started with your organization company?

“I have always had a love for home organization. I grew up in a pretty         cluttered home with a big family, so it was always a point of how to             create my own space while sharing a space. It was always an interest of mine, even when I was a little girl. Also, I was homeless for about 8       months, which really put my organization to the test. I really learned to organize in the most extreme circumstances, but also really enjoy it. It has been a life journey of home organization. I started Organize for Love and    realized, ‘This is how I want to do it.’  My life experiences truly brought this together.  Less is more…less is better!” – Rebekah Bashorun

Right now, we are all spending so much time in our homes, whether it’d be working from home, teaching our children from home, etc.  What would you suggest our followers do first to start the process of creating a system in that will work for the whole household and create a bit of ease on the mind? 

“I am really big on interdependence.” Says Organize for Love owner,  “A lot of times, the home domestic chores and responsibilities get left for the women in the household.  Nothing really gets done when only one person is left to take care of everything.  The first thing I think is how can other people help in the household?  Who can do what?  Who is responsible for what? Everyone really needs to be apart of the process.  The kids, even the teenagers in the home.  That’s the first piece of advice I would give.”

She continues “Identify a space that is designated for work.  This is a space that we are going to work and will have hours of work.  You may be working at your kitchen counter or island, so make sure to have specific hours when you are working and when you are not.”

“Lastly, have a conversation with your kids, almost ‘pumping them up,’ about having their own space.  This will give them the accountability of taking care of their own space and helping Mom, etc.”

What is one of the most challenging organization projects you have come across in your career?

One of my favorite clients, she is a single mom, was sharing a very small space with her two kids.  She wanted to move to Florida, but was temporarily living in New York. It was a small and transitional space, but also served as a business space. It was basically a big room where she had her kids’ things, her business things, and to add insult to injury she had    been keeping all the items from her kids since they were babies. Almost ten years worth of collected items. We had to go through all these things and decide what to keep and what should go. I know a lot of moms want to keep certain memorabilia from the kids. It was a really good lesson on practicality and functionality when it comes to memorabilia. Usually, we use memorabilia as an escape-goat to be able to keep things.

Once your space isn’t functional and once the things in your home no    longer have any practical use, then you have to rethink WHY you are         keeping these items and how they are actually helping your life.

I think a lot of people have different misconceptions about how long it takes to organize. By hiring a professional, you are cutting the time in half. It is still a process and will take time, but the time is shortened.”


Photo: Organize for Love

When is the best time to hire a professional?

“When you think you need help. A therapist isn’t looking for patients…you go to a therapist. You go seek out help when you need the help. No one can tell you when you need the help. A lot of people are unsure of when they need the help. Ask yourself these questions, and if you are not getting positive outcomes/answers…you should probably reach out:

  • How do you feel in your home?
  • Can you do the basic everyday things in your home with ease?

A lot of people expect professional organizers to tell them what to throw        away or get rid of…I only work with people who want to declutter. I am    not here to force people to get rid of things who don’t want to.”

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How your relationship with your own home, history and culture will help other women?

Historically, I never had a home that was passed down to me. A lot of           Black-Americans typically don’t own a home. That truly dictates the way      you move in your home. There is a limitation in ownership. 

We were always thinking about moving to a different place. Because we    didn’t own, we never truly got comfortable in our space. The space was      always in transition. When you don’t own your home, it really counted      how to decorate and having to get permission to do specific things. Even in an apartment…you don’t own your apartment. Not owning truly changes the foundation of how you function in your home.

An example, I remember when I was doing market research for professional organizing and a lot of them offered staging. I didn’t know   what that was because a lot of people around me don’t have homes to           stage. Just that service tells me the type of demographic these organization companies are geared toward. It is important to address the pain points of black women and help them feel at home.”

We asked Rebekah fro her final thoughts at the end of the conversation and she left us with these important words, “Give yourself grace.  When looking at other’s spaces, get inspiration, but don’t compare yourself.”

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