Interview with Kelsey at JHL Design

1) What is your favorite current trend in interior design?

I love the earthly color tones that are coming out. Rust and burnt orange make the place feel homey rather than sterile. I also like how we are moving towards more whimsical, playful, feminine shapes rather than rectilinear expected shapes.

2) What is your favorite space saving tip for apartment living?

Finding smart ways of utilizing under-bed storage. I don’t mean your Tupperware tucked underneath the bed, but actual storage built into the bed system. Pull out drawers or lift up matters offer a ton of storage. Open shelving and hooks offer more storage to display wall décor and make the space feel homey yet functional.

3) Which furniture pieces do you invest in and which do you look for deals on?

Invest in your bed, you spend most of your time there. Your bed, mattress and sofa are the places you spend your time and are worth investing in. I wouldn’t invest in accessories like pillows or throws, light furniture pieces such as dining table chairs or an accent chair. These items you can change out with the season.

4) Why do you look for those budget item?

West Elm and CB2 have great accessories but Portland is such a great place to thrift. Our office is on Hawthorne and we have three vintage stores nearby where you can find fun, unique pieces that aren’t going to cost you an arm and a leg. I love getting things you can’t find just everywhere. If you have the time, to go find unique pieces at vintage stores its really fun!

5) What is a creative why to add personality to your space when you’re renting?

Art! Adding large scale art that’s personal is an easy way to fill your walls. That’s my favorite way to make my home feel like I live there.

6) What do you recommend when you are looking for locally made accents or art to display in your home?

Something that speaks to you, something that gives you joy, you feel happy when you look at it. Something you can attribute to a memory or calls out to you. I like handmade pottery because of the textures. I do a lot of thrifting for ceramics, but if you have more to spend you can go to a place like Spartan Shop or Mantel have really beautiful artisan work.

7) In what ways are you seeing our PNW landscape influencing interior design?

I’m a pretty typical NW girl. I like to get outside and be in nature.  I bring it into my spaces with warm wood tones, stone, warm leathers, and a ton of plants! My husband and I will go on hikes and keep our eyes out for fun things that we see in nature that we can gather and display on our shelves like cute little rocks, a little branch or shell.  It’s a memory that you can style with. I like to literally bring nature back to my house. It makes it feel more balanced in a pretty modern space.